Psalm 139:17-18 about God’s thoughts toward us. Also psalm 33:11, psalm 40:5 and psalm 92:5. I pray your strength as God heals your heart and mine


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Blog and Net Break :-(

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Hey guys you may have noticed I haven’t been very active online or anything and there’s a lot happening right now and unfortunately I will have to take a break from being online and blogging and stuff. How long I’m not sure I hope it’s not very long I will be thinking of all of you and remembering you in my prayers I’ll let you know what’s up whenever I can.  I did a post today and I tried uploading some songs I wrote and recorded with my phone but I’m having serious problems with my Internet and it’s not going through and I’ve been trying to upload them for days now. Maybe it’s just not God’s timing but I trust that whenever I do upload it successfully it will be the right time and the right person or persons will hear it a nd their hearts will be at the right place 🙂 thank you for your support and encouragement you guys are awesome keep writing!!  ttfn ♡♡♡♡♡

Every relationship in your life can teach you something about your creator and how he feels about you. Be it friendship,  parent-child, siblings, teacher-student, husband -wife or courting and even work relationships.  God is deeply embedded in every area of our lives whether we acknowledge it or not, because we are made in his image. I love knowing that 🙂


Courting relationships overall will teach you this. But for me LDR is my teaching tool.  You already know that LDRs require more endurance,  trust and patience, involves a lot of communication and sacrifice and much much longing.
These are the same elements that exists in our relationship with God. These are the same feeling God experience in having a relationship with us and we should experience in having a relationship with him.
I’ll talk about some of them and I’ll leave you to ponder the rest on your own 🙂

I’ll start with…..

There are times I feel this emotion so strongly it inadvertently makes me wonder, Lord is this how you feel about me? Is this how you long for me?
It really gives me insight to how God longs to be with me, wants to talk to me and spend time with me when I’m feeling that way about my partner. And if God loves me infinitely more than I can ever imagine, his need and longing for me when I don’t take the time to talk to him throughout they day…. or for days i keep going and going not even realizing how much I’m neglecting the person who loves me more than anyone in this world ever can, I can’t imagine how deep and huge his longing for me is. If I feel so neglected and downcast and sad when my partner doesn’t make time for me and gets so caught up with everyday life that he hardly spends time with me, I can’t imagine how God feels.
That’s how much God longs for you


You get quiet a bit of practice in patience being in an ldr.
Patience to wait while filing your paperwork.
Patience when you want to see or talk to each other but other things, sometimes unexpected things get in the way.
Patience to get gifts in the mail or save up enough money to buy gifts or a plane ticket. … etc.
It’s the same way that we have to be patient on God’s promises to be fulfilled. patient when things don’t happen when or how we expected it to. It’s never easy and we do get frustrated at times but we always encourage ourselves and each other to be patient. In the same way we should encourage ourselves and each other to be patient while we wait on the Lord. 
On the flip side that’s also how patient God is with us. 
Patiently waiting for us to seek him when we are hurt or sad and lonely.
Patiently waiting for our gratitude when things are going right.
Patiently waiting for us to read his word and hear what he has to say to us.
Patiently waiting for us to give him the gifts of our love, our life and our service. Unlike us though he doesn’t get frustrated or impatient and unexpected things don’t take him by surprise. He knows everything and still he patiently waits. ( if God was a human with that trait our parents and friends would say that one’s definitely a keeper. Well I can say My God is definitely a keeper ;D)



the race is not for the swift but who can endure right? That phrase has never been more real to me than it has been this past year sigh… like all relationships it’s all good and sweet in the beginning, but as time goes on it looses it’s spark and shine, and sometimes in ldrs it may even feel like your partner is more of an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend.  Life gets busy and stuff and you start neglecting each other little by little without even realizing it. Times when you don’t feel loved, you don’t feel in love and you definitely don’t feel like being loving. But you do it whether you feel it or not.
Because whether you feel it or not you know you love them and you choose to continue loving them for the long haul.
In the same way when we just began our walk with God we were enthusiastic and vibrant but as time wore on you lost your zeal, you even wondered if you were still a Christian, if it’s normal to feel so far away from God. It is normal, every Christian feels that way once in awhile. My daddy daddy always says; it’s not what we feel that counts it’s what we know about our God and how he feels about us, and that’s why we push on,
That’s why we endure. And thankfully we are always new and shinny to God his love for us won’t grow faint he won’t get weary and that’s awesome to know!!-



d finally….

If we as humans know how to sacrifice for those we love, how much more died the God we serve in whose image we are made know how to sacrifice for us?
You know how much but I’m still going to remind you.
He sacrificed his pride he sacrificed the best of comforts he more than his time, more than money, more than sleep… He sacrificed his LIFE. To pursue a relationship with you to pursue you like a man pursues a woman before he dates her and our God is a gentleman.  He won’t force you, he doesn’t want to scare you into receiving his love. But patiently and longingly he waits for you always available, wanting only what’s best for you.
Can you imagine


such love?

You don’t have to imagine you have that love in your heavenly father and if you don’t have a relationship with him you  can.

It’s as easy as believing that he is who he says he is our God savior and king, ask him to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and love you like only he can and help you to love him back with your whole heart.

Romans 10:9 ESV
Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


Today was hard.  Today was really hard.
I cried a lot still feel like crying. And I’m just letting myself be sad.
Last year Joshua and I celebrated fourth of July together And this year. We aren’t.
And it breaks my heart it makes me achy. Idk if my time of the month is adding to sadness like amping it up but it’s definitely some major sadness happening.  Sigh.


Funny thing is that before last year I didn’t even really care about this holiday all I knew was that it celebrated America’s freedom and the people who died to make em free. I understood and respected that cause out holidays have the same significance. But that’s far as it went.
This year I wanted so much to be with Joshua kind of like it would be an anniversary or something or just so we could share in it together this year as fiance and not as friends and yes I know we will have lots of fourths to celebrate but sigh this is the one I’m going through right now

This is the one I want to be close to him this is the one that my heart’s all achy this is the one we are far apart for. It’s an important history for him and he’s important to me you wanna be there for the important stuff


But like I mentioned in a previous post one of the draw backs of a LDR is missing out on imortant stuff. It sucks it sucks really bad like a vacuum sacking at your heart
This morning I woke up read my bible listen to some music and just be sad.
This is a very depressing post


We video chatted while he made breakfast that was nice and I took lots of pics 🙂 the he went to have breakfast with his family and I had with mine.
Played words with friends and I’m kicking his Butt!! 😀 lol
And we talked and did our devotional together and prayed and talked
And I just miss him so much right now
It’s a hard night
Its One Of The Hard Days
That we’ll get through together with God and we will be OK
I’m sitting in my room, having pink and white ice cream in bed and writing this post
We had a little party for my nephew who just turned two and it’s wrapping up. Helping out with that and interacting with the kids and being busy helped for awhile.
I’m looking forward to doing our night time devotions and praying together and talking about our day


I’m out

Inside out taught me. ….

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So this is gonna be a short post 🙂


I’m on my way home with my niece from watching the movie It’s a great watch I encourage everybody to watch it with their kids or family.
I know it might sound silly to say you a a grown woman was taught something by am animated movie but….I am that woman and it did teach me or I should say remind me of somethings. 
You see,  I’m joy. I always wanna be happy, great day, great night great dreams I want that. I don’t want sadness to touch it ll. I don’t want it to touch the events in my life I don’t handle it well. I freak out, say OK sadness is here but I can’t deal with that right now so push it down and push it down some more.

But in that movie though, you see in the end. Joy can’t exist without sadness.  When you’re sad and you express it. To friends, to your partner, to God you get help . You get peace, you let it out, you let it go and then the joy can come in. The joy has room to take over.

This is an ongoing struggle for me so I know it will take practice practice and more practice. 
There’s lots of lessons kids, teens and adults can take away from this movie. It’s a good look 🙂 –


(my niece Sabrina and me after Inside Out)

Ever had days where you think, God I miss him/her so much!
I just wanna feel close, feel connected, with a deep long sigh at the end.
well I have a suggestion 🙂
Here’s how we do it…..

More than sweet picture quotes, more than getting the most precious gift in the mail, a surprise text or a long mushy heart felt love letter or original poem. Or brushing our teeth together on oovoo or making breakfast together on oovoo (yes we do that and we love it lol it really does help us feel close being involved in each others daily or nightly routine :-))
But even more than that!!

Is when we seek God together 😀


Yes you heard me correctly lol.
Nothing strengthens our bond and connection like doing a devotional together, or completing our youversion Bible app devotion plans together. Talking about the word of God, how it speaks to us, what we understand from it and how to apply it to our everyday lives, and praying together before we go to sleep

Nothing says I’ve got you babe, to us, like a Bible verse, chapter or blog post when one of us is having a hard day or like a specific prayer for strength guidance, peace, victory and the accomplishing of God’s will sent in a voice note or on a 15 minute lunch break at work.

More than pouring out our feelings to each other and talking about every little detail of our day. And let me tell you, sometimes we do that, talk about everything and nothing because we’ve missed each other so much during the day, sometimes we talk til we are too tired to talk anymore, and then we don’t get to do our devotions, But we still end by praying together and going to bed.
But it’s never as satisfying as that, half hour or hour or even that 15 minutes spent in God’s presence together

That’s our best intimacy builder, our best love magnet. Allowing God to be the glue that holds us together works every time. Then instead of a sad deep longing sigh we have a long deep earsplitting happy sigh 🙂


As Nemiah 8:10 NLT says”….Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is our strength”
We will continue to hold fast to that verse as we keep on letting or love cross the distance, God’s way

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This post is about the urge to compete with the pretty women or handsome men that your partner sees on a day to day basis.
I’m having one of those days today and can I tell you, it is intimidating, depressing and scary.

Joshua tells me everything. He tells me his struggles, his hang ups and every detail about his day. He values openness and honesty. Unfortunately, sometimes that causes days like today to happen. If you’re realistic, like me, you know it’s unavoidable. But when you feel desperately insufficient and ill-equipped to compete with everyone in the world, well, that’s where trust in your partner’s relationship with God comes into play. But even knowing that doesn’t stop thoughts from entering my mind like; “I wonder how pretty they are.” “I wonder if they’re a lot prettier than I am.” “Do they try to flirt with him?” “What can i do to myself more appealing to him?” “Should I send him a picture now and banish the face of each and every girl he’s seen today from his mind!?” And the list goes on and on. I can get myself get into a full blown, totally freaking out mode. Letting my imagination run wild, while I am teary-eyed, my heart is aching fiercely.

I do not question his love or his faithfulness to God and me. My own insecurities have a way of popping up during trust-trying times like these. Maybe they stem from past relationship experiences.
But still, Joshua always encourages me to be honest and open with him whenever my I feel insecure or on edge. He encourages me to lay all of my feelings and insecurities on the table of communication, after I go to God in prayer.
I love that he’s patient with me during these times. He never gets annoyed and says things like, “Really Kerese, that again?”
It reminds of God and I. He never gets annoyed when I come to him with my hurts, fears and insecurities. In fact he loves it. 🙂
He loves when I trust him and depend on Him and that comforts me. I love the fact that He’ll never get tired or irritated with me. I love the fact that He always has my back when I face life’s many emotional and spiritual hardships. And that He always has my hearts best interest in mind. He’s my creator and he loves me and wants the best for me and because I know that, I know my best interest is in his will.>


This loving and caring way of accepting and embracing one another’s hardships and shortcomings is not a one way street. I have the joy of showing Joshua love and support too, in the way that I share in his struggles. Sometimes Joshua has those days too, where he second-guesses my faithfulness and commitment to him. There are times when we both say “Really sweetie? C’mon you know me better than that.” We both often start out wrong but  end up handling it with more grace and gentleness than we started out with, God is working on us each and every day. And it is an awesome growing experience! 😉
We are all works in progress people!! 😀
While writing this blog post I have reminding myself of the love that God has blessed me with, His love, as well as the love of my fiancé. And the fact that no matter how often pretty girls cross his path, I don’t have to compete with them because he fell in love with me for who I am and as pretty as those girls are they are not and cannot be me. 😀
And no matter how often or how handsome the men are that cross my path, it doesn’t matter because I fell in love with Joshua and who he is. They are not and cannot be him 🙂
Ultimately, it’s the love that God has shown each and every human from the beginning of creation that holds us to a higher standard of integrity and faithfulness than mere human emotions ever could. We all know how fickle we can be. But God has modeled a firm, sound love that will forever stand the test of time.

Psalm 84:11 (ESV)
11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
the Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does he withhold
from those who walk uprightly

With that being said we also know if God is for us and ours who can be against us. 🙂
As we continue letting our love cross the distance God’s way

Have you experienced the urge to compete in your relationship? How did you overcome it?  What kind of thought processes hindered you in your struggle? What kind of thoughts demolished the spiritual strongholds that were working to keep you captive? 



Looking up pros and cons of LDR relationship on the net on most websites, I found things like: sex us great when you finally see each other, its easy to lie over the phone and more disturbing things along those lines do I compiled a list from my perspective as a Christian that list is definitely not for me.

LDR is a common abbreviation you’ll find on the web these days,
meaning Long Distance Relationship/ LDR-er which Joshua encouraged me to use, meaning someone in a Long Distance Relationship.

LDRs can take place before marriage. You met your partner online or while on a trip or vacation.
It can also happen after marriage. If your spouse is in the army or if you met each other and got married but your partner lives in another country and have to wait awhile for the other to file for them.

LDRs can be between people who live in the same country but different States, province or parishes. Or it can be between persons who live in different countries like Joshua and I.
LDRs have been around for a long, long, really long time and God bless the dear hearts of those who made it in the era before technology and video chatting apps, whatsapp or even cell phones. I don’t know how you guys did it but I would love to hear your story because, even with all this technology I’m seriously dying!!

There are a lot of Pros and Cons of LDR posts on the net but none that’s completely relatable for a Christian in a LDR. Sooooo I’m making my own list 🙂
Most starts with good news, then the bad, but I’m the kinda girl that prefers to hear bad news first so I can sooth myself with good news afterwards 😉
OK Here goes

Cons of LDRs


1. You miss each other ALL the time. Gut wrenching physical ache in your heart, ugly cry til your head hurts, hard to breath kind of missing. Need I say more.

2. Holidays and special occasions really suck. Its feel like the odd one out on Valentine’s Day or 4th of July, family members birthdays and anniversary parties. Sure you can be there via video chat but its just not the same. You know? It always feels like something’s missing…. Because it is. In light of being totally honest, I get kinda envious or jealous of couples that get to see each other and be with each other in person. I so wish he was here with me to hold my hand, sigh those lucky ducks.

3. You’re totally dependent on the internet or having international minutes on your phone. You have to keep on top of paying your internet and phone bill. Your phone and laptop are your lifeline if they’re not working properly ( which is definitely a thing with the WiFi sometimes in mine and in other countries)
We find that super frustrating and stressing

4. You have to invest in good quality gadgets. A smart phone with a good front facing and rear camera for video chatting, with lots of storage. Because you’ll wanna take and get lots of pics and videos. And. Or a good laptop with camera or webcam, or a good quality tablet.

5. Nil, Nada, Zilch, Zero. physical contact. I think that one kinda rips at your heart without the need for me to expound right. Just try to imagine it.

6. Postal Service. A lesson I may be learning the hard way. Firstly if you live in another country versus another state using FedEx or UPS van be murder on your pockets! and while love is worth spending on, its also about being good stewards of the finances God has blessed you with and being wise with your money. Some might disagree and that’s OK, I respect that.

OK, now that I’ve probably thoroughly depressed you and myself…. Let’s get down to the fun stuff 🙂

Pros of LDRs


1. Keeps you close to God.
I don’t know about you guys but this LDR has kept me in constant prayer 🙂 constantly in the word. Constantly trusting and relying on God and his promises. It has definitely built my patience, and I am not patient by nature.

2.  You get good practice at communicating
Communicating is all you have so you learn to do it well. And good communication establishes faith in that person and hope for your relationship. Definitely helps you with learning to open and honest about your emotions, they can’t always tell what you’re feeling over the phone or video chat so you’ll have to tell them what you’re feeling for any issue to be resolved

3. Less sexual temptation.
Yeaaaa I think its kinda one of the perks we aren’t exempt but its less than if you were seeing each other whenever you want and being in the same room

4. You appreciate each other more. Being so far away and only having so much time to talk sometimes. It does teach you to appreciate each other more when you do have lots of time to talk and when you do get to see each other you make the most of it not by doing expensive stuff but enjoying simple things that non LDR couples might take for granted. The time you get to spend if its even a simple text saying I’m thinking about you or a spontaneous pic really makes your day.

5. Time management practice. We can all agree that this is a skill needed in all areas of life. Be it school, church, work, even your walk with God and definitely for marriage and parenting.  Balancing school or work responsibility plus making sure to spend time with your family and friends and be present, focused and effective in church activities aaand also making time for each other so they don’t feel neglected

6. Romantic songs and poems in abundance
You’ll never be short in romantic lovey dovey mushy stuff.  Because when you love someone you always want to find ways to let that person know that you love and care about them. So love quotes, YouTube love songs and even original poems written from the heart 🙂 #happysigh I love when Joshua does that but even more than that u love when he sends me Bible scriptures just to give me a little encouragement to be strong, trust in God and continue to be patient. Definitely an awww moment for me 😀

7. When you finally do see each other in person its amazing. When you see each other everyday. Seeing each other can get robotic after awhile, but when your visits and few and far between every time you see each other its like Christmas in July!!

8. Gets your creative juices flowing  You have to think of creative ways to connect that you may not think of if you’re together on a regular basis… It causes you to work your creative muscles in your brain…. Led by the energy of your love and fueled by the distance between your souls (that one was courtesy of Joshua :-))

9. Gives you the space and time to figure out what if that relationship is for you. LDRs give you the time and space to think seriously if the relationship is going the direction that you n God want. If you give it enough time and pace yourself and you’re both honest its, easier to break it off in an LDR than it would be face to face. It wouldn’t be easy but it will be easier. At least that’s what I think.

10.  You don’t have to dress up!! Perky perk of perks 🙂 you don’t have to dress up to text or talk on the phone. Video chat uhm all I need is a clean face and I’m good lol. Ain’t got to worry about morning breath or bed head no siree 🙂 it’s a relaxed chill atmosphere that I like :-D. Now you do have to be decent, you just don’t have to put any pressure on yourself to look great unless its one of those days and it’s always a nice change to get prettied up for your partner every once in awhile  😉

That’s my list for the pros and cons of LDRs. In the end though, above what feels good, above what sounds good.


As we continue to let our love cross the distance, God’s way.

What would you add to this list?


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